Arts Award Training

I recently attended Advisor Training for Bronze and Silver Arts Award in Cardiff. This was a natural progression from the Discover and Explore training which I undertook a few years ago in a previous role with the Education Achievement Service (EAS) Physical Literacy team.

The day was highly inspirational and filled me with new ideas for building creative opportunities in my local community. Students who take part in Arts Award have the chance to devise their own creative pathway whilst gaining a recognised qualification for young people in the community. This resonates with a group of young people I happen to know who are frustrated by the somewhat narrow arts options available to them at GCSE.

In a nutshell, the Arts Award ethos aims to support young people to develop as artists and arts leaders’. Their mission is to support young people who want to deepen their engagement with the arts, build creative and leadership skills, and to achieve a national qualification.’

Click here to find out more about Arts Award.

In a previous role I had the chance to oversee up to 30 children in a primary school take part in a range of transition cultural workshops at a local comprehensive school. Through practical workshops, children took part in drumming workshops with Upbeat Music and Arts, Dance and light photography workshops with Sharron Tear and Ninja movement classes with Citrus Arts! A busy day with experiential learning and quality arts provision.


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