"I cannot begin to explain what joy studying this way has brought to my daughter. She is happy and positive anyway but the light in her face and smile since beginning her Gold Arts Award is immeasurable.


The beauty of this way of study is that it is pupil led within the guidelines of the syllabus. How could this not be successful when what she is studying comes from within? I have nothing but praise for Arts Award and Vicky as a mentor. The life skills my daughter has learnt since studying this way in only two months is phenomenal: she has prepared and taken an art class at a local primary school with 15 children and acquired  new technical ICT skills.   


The reflective self developments activities that Vicky brings are life changing:  helping her grow and develop as a young person.


It is an absolute privilege to watch Mackenzie develop this way and worth every single penny."

Hellie Robbie, parent of Gold Arts Award student 


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